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First Time Home Buyers Home Inspection FAQ


Getting Started

Choose A Home Inspection Company With Top Credentials

As a first time home buyer you want to be well informed so you can make a wise investment decision. By choosing a home inspection company that understands your needs is important. Selecting a licensed home inspection company is the wise choice. 

Be Sure To Obtain A Written Home Inspection Report

Your home inspection report should be a detailed written report providing all the information and advice first time home buyers need.

Ask About Important Professional Affiliations

Be sure that the home inspection company you retain has professional affiliations, such as NAHI (National Association of Home Inspectors). 


During The Home Inspection

Be Sure To Accompany the Home Inspector during the inspection.

First time home buyers should be sure to attend the home inspection; the inspection should take about two to four hours. The Inspection offers a unique opportunity to learn about the home and its systems.

Ask Questions

There are no foolish questions for first time home buyers.  You need to learn as much as you can from the home inspector during the home inspection.

Be Sure That All Of The Following Points Are Fully Covered

Now that you've found your home, there’s nothing more important than its structure.  You need to know that the home you are purchasing is structurally sound (that's an important reason for retaining the services of a licensed home inspection company).
The plumbing, heating, air-conditioning, and electrical systems should be thoroughly inspected and evaluated. The home inspector should check the electrical  wiring, investigate the electrical systems to make sure they are adequate for modern usage,inspect for lead and galvanized steel water supply pipes, aged and inefficient heating and air-conditioning systems, etc.
The home inspector should look for materials that may be asbestos containing materials.

Be Sure To Consider Optional Tests

The testing underground storage tanks, testing  for lead in paint, and drinking water, testing well supplied drinking water for bacteria, testing for radon gas in air are among optional tests that should be done.

It is suggested that the home inspection include an optional inspection for wood destroying insects that will be accepted by your mortgage lender.

If the home has a well and/or septic system, this optional inspection is recommended.

Be Sure To Obtain A Verbal Report From The Home Inspector At The end Of The Home Inspection

Although NYS requires an inspection report to be delivered within 5 days, CTR Home Inspection makes every effort to provide your home inspection report within 24 hours; but, a full verbal report should be obtained at the conclusion of the home inspection.


When The Inspection Is Done

You Should Know

The condition of the home being  purchased, including all positive and negative aspects.


What repairs are needed, and if  there are any major defects, the cost of the repair can be obtained from independent contractors.

You should know a proper course of corrective action and whether alternatives are available.

You should now be aware of any safety issues requiring immediate attention.

What You Should Expect

An easy to understand and detailed home inspection report with photos to support the text of the report.


You should also expect the home inspector to provide the answers to questions you may have had regarding the report's content.

What You Should Not Expect

You should not expect the home inspector to offer to repair uncovered defects in return for an additional fee: such is a conflict of interest.  You should not expect the home inspector to comment on conditions that are not visible or outside the scope of the inspection.
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    ....Very pleased with my experience with this inspector. He was very thorough and his knowledge and experience truly created a seamless experience....

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Why Do An Inspection?

There are many reasons to do a Home Inspection.  The Most Important reason id for YOUR PROTECTION.
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Request An Inspection

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First Time Buyers FAQ

Is this the first home you are buying?  If so, please read our First Time Buyer FAQ's for Home Inspections.

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